Darksun "The Verdant Seed"

"Rags to Riches"
The story so far

Enslaved by hooked nose templar from Balic named Acrid, the characters kill Acrid and his overseer grunts only to be ravaged by a renegade slave tribe. Chased out into the Great Alluvial desert, pc’s make thier way toward Altaruk. After a couple day’s under the terrible, pounding Athsian sun, close to Altaruk, they come across a overturned caravan being slice and diced by silt runners, saving a dwarf by the name of Ralo, a mul gladiator named Brutous and his 12yr daughter Arenia from certain doom. They characters finally find them self free to do what ever they chose to in Altaruk. Challenged by Brutous to the Gladiator games in Balic, pc’s find them selves in the Bloodsand Arena winning a crowd pleasing fight against a group of “mindful” gith. The next day Ralo the dwarf merchant who they saved, ask pc’s to meet a friend named Rhotan Vor who hire’s the pc’s to find the ledgendary vault called Darom Madar.
Your quest is this
Rhotan has recently come into possession of some very valuable information. In Balic, he encountered a drunken human in a seedy tavern who claimed to be a descendant of Darom Madar, the last elder of the
long-dead Madar merchant house. In addition, the man claimed to know the location of Darom Madar’s treasure vault, which he offered to Rhotan for the sum of 30 gp. Rhotan is no fool, but 30 gp seemed a small price to pay for what could be the location of one of the greatest lost treasures of Athas. Although the man did not know the exact location of the treasure vault, he told Rhotan that it lay within the Canyon of Gothay near the alluvial sand wastes in the Tablelands east of Tyr. The vault is rumored to contain vast wealth, from metal coins, armor, and weapons to priceless artifacts dating from Athas’more verdant past. Rhotan asks the characters to search the Canyon of Gothay and ascertain if the vault exists. If it does, it undoubtedly holds more wealth than the characters can hope to carry away themselves. Therefore,Rhotan offers the characters their pick of any treasure the vault may contain plus a 15 percent share once the remainder of the goods and artifacts are sold in Tyr, Rhotan’s next destination. Rhotan and his caravan travel with the characters, although they do not aid the characters in combat. Rhotan and his men will not enter the Canyon of Gothay until the characters have found the vault and cleared any threats to their safety.

Completed Quest
Pc’s cleared out the Vault of Darom Madar, on their way out they were attacked by the assassins, assuming they will face a weakened group of heroes who have already done the heavy lifting inside the vault, allowing the operatives to complete both missions assigned to them without any undue risk. After the battle, the characters recognize the assassins as being from the same group that attacked them on their trek across the Tablelands. The assassins carry nothing that might implicate them as to what or who sent them.

The Journey Continues…

The pc’s have to decide what to do with the treasure from House of Darom Madar, keep to their word that they gave toRhotan Vor of Balic or do they kill Rhotan Vor and the rest of his men and take the treasure for them selves. Rhotan Vor wants the heroes to remain close to the caravan on this last leg of the journey to ensure that him, his men, and his cargo arrive safely in Tyr. But just how safe will the treasure, Rhotan, and his men be??? This will be up to the pc’s!!!

The Silken Surprise

This encounter occurred when pc’s and the caravan stopped for the night. Unbeknownst to the heroes, a silk wyrm has been following them from the air in shadow form waiting for the cover of darkness. Once the heroes settled in, the silk wyrm sneaks into their camp in the hope of surprising its prey. The silk wyrm uses shadow form in its effort to ambush any characters that are awake.
The desert night is cool and calm, and little stirs across the vast moonlit waste. A long, sinuous shadow suddenly splashes across the ground as something massive hurtles from the night sky, its toothy maw agape.
The heroes killed the silken worm without breaking a sweat.

Third Times a Charm

The assassins attack again!!!
The desert morning dawns hot and bright, but today the heat is not so oppressive. Perhaps it only feels this way because you near your destination, the great city-state of Tyr, where you will sell the fabulous treasure in the sand skiffs. Before you can begin counting the gold pieces in your head, three mounted figures ride into view and halt at the top of a dune. Could they be just desert nomads curious about travelers? It’s not likely when you see them level their
crossbows and let loose a rain of bolts into the caravan.

After killing the assassins the characters search the body of Tyron Tsalaxa, and find a signet ring on his left hand bearing the symbol of his house. Even if they don’t recognize it
as the symbol of house Tsalaxa, Rhotan Vor does. Now they know the story of House Madar’s
fall at the hands of its villainous rivals. The fact that House Tsalaxa has made numerous attempts on their lives should prompt the characters to be circumspect once they reach Tyr, because it would seem they have made dire enemies even before setting foot in the
great city of Tyr.


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