• Chomp-Chomp of Ogo

    Chomp-Chomp of Ogo

    A halfling who will unite all the Halfling tribes to save all that is green in the world and usher in the re-birth of Green Age.
  • Dr. Drayborn

    Dr. Drayborn

    A Dray that unearths a secrect that could save or destroy Athas.
  • Krom of Urik

    Krom of Urik

    A dwarf that leads a tribe of slaves to defeat one of the great seven cities.
  • Reed


    A halfling Assassin who stops the primordials from destroying Athas.
  • Rikard the slave whore

    Rikard the slave whore

    A mul destined to kill the next sorcerer king.
  • Zandronn Metalmind

    Zandronn Metalmind

    A human Psion that walks the entire Silt Sea by using only his mind.
  • Althalia


    Female human Warlord who exscaped from the Dragon's altar with pc's.
  • Brutous of Urik

    Brutous of Urik

    Human Gladiator who travels with his daughter Arenia, to fight in all the arenas' of Athas.
  • Eric-co


    Elf messenger who is a member of the Swift Runners tribe. He delivers to any where in the Tyr region.
  • Gartha Nos

    Gartha Nos

    Female human Dune Trader. Deals in selling potion fruits in and around the City of Tyr.
  • Logan Bigbar

    Logan Bigbar

    A dwarf foreman who runs and guards the mining operations at the Mines of Tyr for the House of Vordon.
  • Mordrok the Gambler

    Mordrok the Gambler

    Dwarf Builder/Gambler who exscaped the Dragons altar with pc's.
  • Rhotan Vor of Balic

    Rhotan Vor of Balic

    Dwarf trademaster of the House of Wavir who hires the pc's to find the treasure vault of Darom Madar.
  • Tellabar Haze

    Tellabar Haze

    Elf Dune Trader who exscaped from the Dragons altar with pc's.
  • Toramund the Cheiftan

    Toramund the Cheiftan

    Elf cheiftan who runs the Silver Spring Oasis.