Chomp-Chomp of Ogo

A halfling who will unite all the Halfling tribes to save all that is green in the world and usher in the re-birth of Green Age.


Class: Barbarian
Race: Halfling
Theme: Gladiator
Backround: Forest Ridge- Liberator
Height: 4’1"
Weight: 88lb
Age: 22
Painted with teeth on his face depicting a opening maw of a dragons mouth, Chomp-Chomp looks like a typical halfling from the Forest Ridge, dressed for stealth as hunter, ready to capture or kill his prey.

“Too many halflings have found themselves enslaved by the wicked sorcerer-kings, and it is time to free them at last. Trust…hmm..I think I would rather eat you than trust you!!"

Personality: Chomp-Chomp has a deep understanding and respect for nature, he relishes the challenge of a hunt. After his prey has been killed or caught he will always give the animal or creature its proper respect, for he knows how important each is in nature.

Background: Forest Liberator-Chomp-Chomp served in Urik to the Sorcer King Hamanu in his army for two years and was arrested by one Hamanus’ hated yellow cloaks(Templar) two days after released from service. Chomp-Chomp was headed back to his town of Ogo in the Forest Ridge to visit his family who he hasnt seen in a few years when he was falsely accused of stealing from a yellow cloak. This templar(May-niskus) timed his revenge on Chomp-Chomp so that when he was to be released from service of Hamanu’s army, he would make sure that he made due on his promise to not ever let the halfling go becuase of all the gold he lost by betting against the halfling in the arena. “No more freedom little runt”!!!

Chomp-Chomp of Ogo

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