Dr. Drayborn

A Dray that unearths a secrect that could save or destroy Athas.


Class: Battlemind
Race: Dragonborn
Theme: Wasteland Nomad
Backround: Driven Bounty Hunter
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 287lb
Age: 26
A male dragonborn who wears a sand color cloak over his head most of the time,he trys to keep his identity unknown due to the fact that Dray have a bad reutations through-out Athas when in comes to all the races of the world. He constantly smoking cigars, made of dried-out, rolled-up Barbed Cacti. His body and cloths reeks of the smoked Cacti but it a least covers the stench from desert.


" I would rather die in the desert free from tyranny than die under a sorcerer-king’s booted heel."

Personality: The ultimate high is bringing crimnals, wrong do-ers, slavers to justice!! He generally acts like he could care less for other races of the world but truth be told he actually is just a big softy when it comes to help any one out in need.

Theme: Wasteland Nomad- Civization huddles hehind the towering walls of the Seven Cities, citizens and slaves alike subject to the tyrannical sorcerer-kings and their power-mad templars. Life in the dusty streets of the cities might be easy compared to the harsh barrens of Athas, but the comfort and security the sorcerer-kings offer come at a terrible price. Freedom is just a dream, and countless thousands endure crushing poverty and injustice because it is the only way they know how to live. Only in the wide deserts and trackless wastelands beyond the grasp of the sorcerer-kings’ rule can peopletruly be free. The nomads’ lives are hard, but they are theirs to lead-or spend-as they see fit.

Dr. Drayborn

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