Krom of Urik

A dwarf that leads a tribe of slaves to defeat one of the great seven cities.


Class: Warlord
Race: Dwarf
Theme: Gladiator
Backround: Scarred miner of Urik
Height: 4 9"
Weight: 200
Age: 30
During his sleep Krom is constantly plaged by nightmares of the savage experiences he has lived as a slave, but he accepts slavery as a reglar part of his life. He is stubborn and is easly annoyed when things dont go his way or when people disobey his orders.


“I have no quarrel with you, slave-friend, but circumstances make us enemies. Only one of us will leave the arena this day, and it’s going to be me….ahrrrrrrg!!!”

Personality: Krom is a conservative loyal dwarf to his merchant house. He was force bred and had no parents, he slaved in the obsidian mines for his adolesence and up through most of his adult life, until he was drafted to train in Hamanus’army to fight in the war vs. the city of Tyr. After show casing his fighting skills in the war Krom was purchased by house of Stel to fight in the arena as a gladiator, but didnt last to long when other talents surfaced and were reconized by some important people of House Stel.

Theme: Scarred Miner of Urik- Urik’s obsidian mines kill more slaves than the city’s arena does. Miners who survive rarely do so without suffering terrible scars or missing a limb.

Krom of Urik

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