Logan Bigbar

A dwarf foreman who runs and guards the mining operations at the Mines of Tyr for the House of Vordon.


Average in stateture but an imposing person none the less, Logan is a man that earns respect. No matter what class of society yer from " If yer here to work, then yer better be working". Logan’s a hard working dwarf, who prides himself on running a tight operation. Logan has stayed close to what he knows best, working and running mines. Always watching and observing his operation, Logan scrutinizes every little detail, on what would make his operation more efficient.


Long time Forman for House of Vordon, Logan has been running the iron mines of Tyr for three years now, known as the “clean-up man” Logan was brought in to right the ship. Operation at the mine were a mess when he came here, but it took no time at all to iron out kinks. The last couple of weeks have been tough, with the recent attacks and the destruction of Tower 2, Logan and his operation has been shook-up, for the first time in 3 years since his arrival, he feels like he may be overwhelmed. Smart and not prideful, Logan has requested help from his employer and any hired help willing to protect the two remaing towers.

Logan Bigbar

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