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Chomp-Chomp of Ogo
Dr. Drayborn
Krom of Urik
Zandronn Metalmind
Rikard the slave whore

Brutous of Urik
Gartha Nos
Logan Bigbar
Mordrok the Gambler
Rhotan Vor of Balic
Tellabar Haze
Toramund the Cheiftan

Playable Races

Aarakocra- A race of winged bird men, formerly appearing as monsters in other settings
Dwarf – Dwarves are short and stocky demi-humans who are single-minded to a specific task.
Eladrin-(added in the 4th edition setting) An isolationist race of veiled warriors clinging to their dying homeland.
Elf - distinct from traditional elves not only in flavor (often thieves and marauders) but also physically, they are taller than traditional elves and known for being able to run incredibly long distances
Half-Elf Born from two worlds but welcome in neither, half-elves struggle to find their place in a hostile land.
Half-Giant-(Goliath in 4th Edition) More intelligent than their counterparts in other worlds, but with a tendency to change personalities over time
Halfling Generally known for being savage, often cannibalistic, tribal people. However, there is an ancient community of Halflings with a civilization based on life-shaping.
Human A resourceful and hardy race, humans are the most numerous and diverse people in the Tyr Region.
Mul – A dwarven-human hybrid
Pterran – A shamanistic race of reptilian humanoids. Essentially humanoid pterodactyls with only vestigial stumps on their shoulders where wings had once been.
Thri-Kreen- A race of savage mantis men, formerly appearing as monsters in other settings.
Tiefling- (added in the 4th edition setting) A demon-cursed race of bloodthirsty desert raiders.
Dray- (Dragonborn in 4th edition)Are a strong, resilient race of dragonlike humanoids.

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