The Dragon's Altar

The Dragon’s Altar

The Dragon’s Altar is located well within the mountains, in a canyon surrounded on all sides by
towering, red-stone peaks. The Dragon’s Altar is actually within the caldera of an extinct volcano which erupted in a time so ancient that there is no record of it, not even in the vast memories of the sorcerer-kings. A narrow, winding path leads through a crevasse in the side of the canyon, granting access from the outside. At the bottom of the canyon is a single, massive block of chiseled obsidian—the Dragon’s Altar itself. Though no one knows who carved this obsidian slab, it has been fortified by some external means—magic, psionics, or something else—to remain pristine despite eons of use as a place of hideous sacrifice. The walls surrounding the Dragon’s Altar, on the other hand, have been carved repeatedly by the wretched beings waiting to be claimed by the Dragon. They have left behind a massive, despairing display of pictographs and even the occasional written word telling a tale of centuries of sacrifices to the great beast.
Most sensible people of Athas stay far, far away from the Dragon’s Altar, even when no sacrifices are waiting to be claimed. Aside from the taint left on the landscape by the Dragon’s presence over the years,there is the (not unreasonable) fear that the Dragon might reappear at any time.
The Dragon’s Altar is located in the mountains to the southwest of Gulg and west of the Great Ivory Plain, not far from Altaruk. At the base of those mountains lies an archway of carved stone bearing warnings (in the form of both pictographs and rarelyseen written languages of many of the races of Athas)that the region beyond the arch belongs to the Dragon of Tyr. The archway is not hidden but it is relatively small, so only those who know where it lies (or have a map leading to it) can find it readily. Without such knowledge, one could spend days wandering the foothills of the mountains, expending precious food and water while searching for the entrance.

Scar of the Dragon’s Altar Level 2+
Your visit to the Dragon’s Altar has left you scarred by ambient
defiling magic that is the residue of the great beast’s
passing. That scar is more than just a sign of your visit; it has
inured you to some of the harshness of Athas.

Level 2 520 gp Level 22 325,000 gp
Level 12 *13,000 gp
*Legendary Boon

Property: Whenever a creature, hazard, or trap makes an
attack against your Fortitude defense and misses, you gain
5 temporary hit points.
Level 12: 10 temporary hit points.
Level 22: 15 temporary hit points.

The Dragon's Altar

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